Nisha Jangra

Coach with 2 Years of Experience


Hi, I am Nisha a nutritionist by profession and a sports person by heart. Since my childhood I have always been a sports enthusiast. Post pregnancy, I started my sculp journey to transform and get back in shape not by following any fad diets but with proper nutrition and science. This is when I acquired my new found love and what I really wanted to do as a person. Honestly, the journey wasn’t easy at all in the beginning. With continuous motivation and communication with my mentors, I kept going at it and I am amazed with where I am today. I am a NESTA certified fitness nutrition coach and here to help you be fit and healthy at the same time. I am with sculp from last 1.5 years and have helped few new moms to get back in shape post pregnancy.

Come, enroll with me to start your transformation journey. You will be amazed at how it transforms not just your body but your mind and soul. There are no fad diets (keto, GM etc.) to follow. Each person has a different lifestyle, challenges, goals etc. The journey is crafted and tailored for each individual differently using the right science to help you become the best version of yourself.

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Nisha Jangra
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