Frequently Asked Questions

Sculp helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle and health related goals with our nutrition plans and workouts. The plans are designed based on what you like and not what we like. We believe in lifestyle transformation. Fitness, healthy lifestyle and weight loss are just by products of the process
Sculp provides customized meal plans based on what you currently eat. The plan is totally tailor made based on you and your body requirements. Talk to us today and we will happily explain the process to you.
We do not believe in any weight loss products and neither do we sell any. The only thing we believe in is sustainably changing your lifestyle. Trust us. It’s simple
Whatever your health related goal, we can help you achieve it with minor tweaks to your food and your lifestyle. As we say, its more about a lifestyle change.
Yes, our research-based plans have helped several of our clients control and, in some cases, even reverse their lifestyle disorders.
Not at all. Our plans are built around what you eat and what you prefer. So, they are more of fun to follow
Kids obesity is an issue but we believe that meal restriction isn’t a solution to that. Instead, we have a solution that the kids will love. Get in touch with out so that we can discuss this further.
As the plans are customized based on your eating habits we can help you with any type of dietary restrictions.
Sustainability is the key with Sculp. Our meal plans are designed in a way that you make them a part of your lifestyle. We believe and help you understand that you do not need these diets. Lets talk and maybe you could change our mind!
We are an online company and hence all interaction can happen over an audio or video call. That’s how our 4000+ clients have done so far and continue to do so. Lets get started.
No, you do not need any equipment. Our coaches will assess your requirements and design a plan accordingly.
We have an in-house Physio who can assess you and our team will design a plan to suit your current condition. We have successfully worked with clients from 6-65 years of age.