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At Sculp we have put “U” at the center…quite literally. Lets achieve all our health goals…and that too sustainably.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you get healthy and fit while still having all the food you like. Diabetes (Type II), PCOD, PCOS, Thyroid, Obesity, High Blood Pressure and many more lifestyle diseases can be controlled and even reversed in several cases with small changes in your routine.

Our internationally certified coaches will hold your hand and help you achieve your health goals with quantified nutrition and workouts specially designed as per your needs and conditions.

Find the Perfect Trainer

Engage with our verified team of Internationally Certified Fitness Professionals specialising
in various expertise and choose one that fits you perfectly. Nutrition along with 24/7 support

Connect with our Sculp Community

At Sculp, our community believes that we always have your back no matter where you stand in your fitness journey. It’s a safe space where like-minded people who are or have been through the same struggles as you help you through your journey and make it a bit more fun.

Some of Our Creations


Sculp provides you with a sustainable diet plan which can be incorporated in your routine and can be maintained throughout your life even after you reach your ideal goals. The purpose is not ‘just’ to eat for a healthy body but for a healthy lifestyle.

What you get


Engage with our team of internationally certified coaches (or Sculptors as we call them) who specialise in different aspects of fitness. They have already helped over 4000 clients to live a healthy and proactive lifestyle. And now, they are waiting for you.

Nutrition Database

The Sculp app has a database of more than 150,000 foods. So next time you are wondering what to eat and if it fits your plan – just search our nutrition database. You might be surprised how some seemingly innocent looking foods are keeping you from conquering those goals.

Tracking and Weekly Check-Ins

Get the tools to mindfully track your day whether it is workouts, food intake, body metrics or sleep patterns. With all the data easily stored in one place, it makes healthy habits simple and also easy to share with your trainer,nutrition coach and other professionals during your weekly check ins. So now, get grinding without any excuses!

Work smarter not harder

Did you know that only 20 mins of exercise could be sufficient to transform yourself? Your favourite exercises can help you achieve the optimal results and our coaches are there to help you achieve that.

Online Workouts


Personal Training

Personal Training

Want to get that first push up? Or a cartwheel? Or a headstand? Our personal trainers specialise in a range of skills from Strength and conditioning to functional to yoga to callisthenics can help you achieve from your body more than what you perceived.

Group Workouts

Don’t like working out alone. Our group workouts are full of energy and will bring the best out of you. Not sure? Get in touch and we can get you a free trial

Exercise Database

Our exercise database has over 120 exercises. Got a doubt about the best form for an exercise? Want to show off to our friends about your knowledge of workouts? Use our free workout designer in the app


Why you should invest in a Personal Trainer.

Newsflash!!! Tracking your calories still works best for weightloss!

Guidance , Empowerment And Improvement! Are The Three Words That Resonated In Conversation With Life Coach, Ashwyn Barreto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sculp helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle and health related goals with our nutrition plans and workouts. The plans are designed based on what you like and not what we like. We believe in lifestyle transformation. Fitness, healthy lifestyle and weight loss are just by products of the process
Sculp provides customized meal plans based on what you currently eat. The plan is totally tailor made based on you and your body requirements. Talk to us today and we will happily explain the process to you.
We do not believe in any weight loss products and neither do we sell any. The only thing we believe in is sustainably changing your lifestyle. Trust us. It’s simple


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We are looking for-
  1. Nutrition Coaches-
    Internationally Certified
  2. Strength and Conditioning Coaches- PT or S&C certification Mandatory
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